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Creative Curriculum and WI Model of Early Learning Standards

We use Creative Curriculum as Our Core research-based Curricula.
Our curriculum is based on a scaffold of areas of development:

Social Development

  • Emotional Development
  • Cognitive and Knowledge (sometimes referred to as "academics")
  • Health and Physical Development
  • Language Development and Communication

In other words, no matter what concept we are exploring, all areas are incorporated into the curriculum. In this way, we view the child as a whole. Each one of these areas is vital to educational success and development of healthy self-esteem and confidence.  Working on all the areas is also another way to reach the different learning styles and needs of children. 

How we use Creative Curriculum in 4K

We use Creative Curriculum as our core research-based curricula. In our 4K program we use HWOT. Our staff had many years of teaching experience and educational background, which adds to the overall lesson planning.Your child will exit our 4K program with confidence and competence.  We plant the seeds to turn them into lifelong learners.

What is the Wisconsin Model of Early Learning Standards (WMELS)?

In 2003, a steering committee comprised of members from Office of Early Learning Department of Public Instruction (4K, 5K and Head Start), Department of Children and Families, Supporting Families Together Association, and the Wisconsin Early Childhood Association adopted a framework of standards that pertain specifically to the field Early Childhood Education. The goal was to improve early childhood education and align the standards to Common Core State Standards which will be used throughout school years (through 12th grade). The latest revision of 2014 now includes five domains of development, sub-domains and specifies a developmental continuum. 

How we use WMELS used at Little Vikings 4K

This has proven to be a useful tool to early childhood teachers to accurately assess their students individually. At Little Vikings, our teachers have all had extensive WMELS training and can effectively use the assessments to tailor lesson plans to meet the needs of the students at their level. Every school year will be unique, the activities are flexible, and the children are treated as individuals. This sets us apart from other programs that don't change from year to year.

What  does our curriculum look like?

Each month, a general concept will act as the basis in which skills, activities, communications and areas of learning will be created, organized and developed. The general concepts will begin with children's thinking and ideas, and extend the thinking and ideas into further learning.

Will LV4K's curriculum prepare my child for school? 

Yes! Our curriculum stems from research-based curricula such as High Scope, Creative Curriculum,Handwriting Without Tears, and years of teaching experience by our great staff. Your child will exit our program with confidence and competence. We plant the seeds to turn them into lifelong learners.

As a parent, what is my role?

You are NOT a passive spectator in regards to your child's education! We invite you to volunteer in the classroom, chaperone field trips and occasionally join us for lunch. Throughout the school year, you will be notified in advance of "special" days and activities (i.e. lunch at the nearby park, inviting guest readers into the classroom).

On a daily basis, you will receive reports of your child's activities. Your child's teacher will be available at arrival and dismissal, or you can set up a separate meeting outside of classroom hours. We also hold parent/teacher conferences in the fall and spring. We believe that keeping open lines of communication between families and teachers is in the best interest of your child.

"In play, a child is always above his average age, above his daily behavior; in play, it is as though he were a head taller than himself." - Lev Vygotsky (1896-1934)

If you are interested in learning about this idea check out "The Power of Play" by Michael K. Meyerhoff, Executive Director, The Education for Parenthood Information Center. 

Our philosophy at Academy of Little Vikings is child-centered

We believe that children learn best while engaging in educational experiences, social interactions, direct instruction, and play. Learning requires active learning, which is based on children's interest, developmental level and skill development. 

The child is viewed as a whole, which encompasses the self, the family, the community, and the world around him. Learning requires exposure to a variety of concepts, teacher mentoring, individual and group practice, as well as assessment. 

Learning is accomplished best through purposeful play. Play, itself, is the one tool all children come equipped with and ready to use. So much can be accomplished, if we meet each child where he is in his development and help him grow through play.



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